President, Prajna Education Trust(R.)

PACE College endeavors to educate a new generation of leaders-Girls and Boys who will be capable of shaping the future with vision, justice and charity- with a sense of calling, with concern for all of the human family.


Vice President, Prajna Education Trust(R.)

21st century learning is not just about learning knowledge but how to construct it and apply it to life. I am glad to see my PU College student construct and apply all they learn in the co & extra-curricular activities they participate in.

I believe that my students and faculty are like the missiles, & can sky rocket their aspirations, materialize them and become global citizens

It is always a matter at pride to extend support to an enthusiastic team of students and faculty members who are focused to collaborate for the betterment of this college.


Principal, PACE U.M P.U College & Secretary, Prajna Education Trust (R.)

Our college is recognized as a district leader in teaching and learning. Student relationship’s and well beings. We create a safe social and physical environment that helps all our students learn and succeed.

The size of the college and emphasis on developing and maintaining positive relationships means that we know each student as an individual. Parents and visitors compliment us on the warm and orderly college atmosphere and our strong sense of community. We encourage all our student’s to develop high expectations about themselves, their work and their behavior, which is an expression of our values of personal best, integrity, respect and responsibility

“ We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build your youth for the future”. Remember ‘The reward of every good action will be good only.”